Wedding Wednesday – “Will You Be My Groomsman?” Ideas

Hi y’all! Last week I posted some bridesmaid box ideas well this week I’m giving the guys a chance to get creative! Lets be honest if I let my fianc√© ask his groomsmen to be his groomsmen he would simply text them the question. Of course I want every moment of our wedding process to be special so I’ve given him tons of options for popping the quesion. I’ve linked some cute ideas for you ladies to show your man! Personalizing gifts is always my favorite and it makes them so special. If you want his groomsmen to use their gifts after the wedding stick to personalizing with just their monogram or name instead of putting groomsmen on everything. They’ll definitely get tons of use out of the items listed below am I right? I hope this gives you brides some great ideas!

xo corrina 

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