Faithful Friday – All About Forgiveness

Hi yall! I try to steer clear of talking about my beliefs and religion on my blog as much as possible just because I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching at all. However, Isaac and I have been reading the Bible a lot lately (20 chapters a day). Our goal is to completely read the Bible together before our wedding day and so far if we stay on track we should be done in about three months! I’ve been getting a lot of new understanding from reading the Bible and it’s honestly changed my heart so much. Something I believe a lot of people struggle with including
myself is forgiveness. From my own personal experience I’ve seen how damaging
holding a grudge can be. The thing is holding a grudge and not forgiving
someone is not damaging them it’s only damaging yourself. The question we need
to ask ourselves is not “how do we forgive?” but “why should we forgive?” We
need to forgive others in order to rid ourselves of the negative feelings.

Those negative feelings will stop us from being completely content with our
lives. Allowing negative thoughts to linger in your mind will take up the space
that could be used to pursue goals that actually matter to you and to God. You
see we don’t need to forgive other people because it’s good for them we need to
forgive those who have wronged us because it’s good for us. In order to truly
forgive someone we need to mentally make a firm decision to forgive them.
Making the decision and thinking the problem is solved will not be enough
though because it takes divine strength to forgive someone completely. This is
why we need to pray for the ones who have hurt us and continually pray for them.
God will give you the strength to keep your promise of forgiveness. It’s also
important to remember when you share your testimony share it because it will
help others. Do not share your testimony if it’s coming from a place of anger
towards people that have wronged you. I was unforgiving towards my father for
many years. I couldn’t understand how my father could live a happy life with
another family when he was like my best friend as a child. I would see pictures
of my dad with his children and think to myself “that could have been us”. I
didn’t think I would ever truly forgive my father for the pain he caused me
over the years. Until I realized even though my father hurt me I was hurting
myself more by not forgiving him. I could feel those negative feelings crushing
me so I decided to forgive my father. I never walked up to my father and told him I had forgiven him, but I talked to my Father in Heaven and told Him I had
forgiven my father. I constantly pray for my father and honestly I’m now more closer
to my father than ever before because I was able to release those negative
feelings. Your story might be different from mine but there is a way to find
forgiveness in every wrong done to us. Even if the people we forgive do not
deserve the forgiveness, we forgive them so we no longer poison ourselves. Allow
yourself to be free from the hurt residing within your mind and heart. Free up
that space for the greater things God has planned for you.

So let’s recap on some important points..
  • Forgive for your sake
  • Make a firm decision to forgive and DON’T change your mind
  • Continually pray for those who have wronged
    you and wish the best for them
For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. Matthew 6:14-15

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