My Top 10 Favorite Beauty Products

This is the only foundation that I’ve used that has worked with my skin and provides me with full coverage. (It’s also a plus that it’s only $11.99 right?) I’ve tried tons of high end foundations from Mac to Laura Mercier, but this is always my go-to foundation! My skin is super dry in my t-zone and oily in the other areas of my face. I don’t even have to touch up my makeup throughout the day because this foundation looks stunning all day long! 
My obsession with long eyelash is so real! Even though I usually wear false lashes I still use this mascara to lift my lashes and blend with the false lashes. Even before I started wearing false lashes this was my favorite mascara to use because it made my eyelashes so long. If you’re as obsessed with long eyelashes as I am then you need to try this mascara!
I’ve recently started using silicone beauty blenders and I’m already hooked! These are a great alternative to the original beauty blender because they are more hygienic and in my opinion blend better than the original. 
My favorite nail polish brand is Essie! I especially love their blanc nail color although lately I’ve been obsessing over taupe nails. They have a huge range of colors and their polish stays longer on my nails than other brands.
five / Wet Brush
Since my hair is so thick and long it gets tangled really easily. I’ve always had problems trying to find the perfect brush for my hair until I found the Wet Brush! This brush goes through my hair so easily without any pain. I also love how affordable this brush is. It’s been such a lifesaver for my hair!
This is my favorite way to get a tan without actually sitting out in the sun! These are so easy to use and smell really good. You just use one wipe all over your body and in about an hour your skin will have gorgeous tan.
seven Lilly Lashes
The link that I posted for the Lilly Lashes takes you to Forever 21 which sells the lashes for $20! (That’s a total steal!!) I usually buy Lilly Lashes directly from the website found here. The lashes I wear everyday is Diamonds and the lashes I wear when I want a more dramatic look is Miami. I love these lashes because they are so full but don’t feel heavy. You can also get up to 25 uses out of them depending on which kind you purchase. 
This is my favorite palette to use because it has multiple shades for contouring and highlighting. I typically use every shade in the palette when I do my everyday makeup. I’m a little obsessed with the highlighter included in the palette! 
nine / Rose Face Mask
Let me start by saying this face mask is life changing!! I can see such a difference in my face from when I first started using this product. This mask makes your skin so smooth and can be used daily. It does have a strong scent, but it’s a very pleasant smell.  
Since I do wear false lashes daily I use LashFood to keep my lashes strong and long. I first used this product after I tried eyelash extensions. I noticed a lot of my lashes had fallen out and were half the size but after using this product my lashes went back to their regular length. 
If you have products that you love using please leave them in the comments! 

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