The Perfect Fall Jacket

Happy Thursday Friends! I’m always searching for perfect fall jackets especially in the unpredictable Houston weather. When searching for fall jackets I always look for something lightweight because lets face it if you’re from Texas you know one minute it’s cold and the next it’s super hot! Every year one of my favorite brands, BP., comes out with a new anorak jacket similar to the one I’m wearing in this post! The one I’m wearing is from last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The anorak jacket this year comes in two different colors and has a hood! This is my go-to jacket to throw on in the fall it will match with every outfit! There are so many ways you can style this jacket you can wear it with something more causal or dress it up. BP.’s anoraks always run large in this post I’m wearing an XXS. I typically wear an XS so be sure to size down! It’s currently on sale for $45.90 and all sizes are still available!! I tried on this year’s anorak in my Nordstrom dressing room post you can see it here
I asked ya’ll to shoot some questions my way for a quick Q&A during this post so here’s the answers to some of my most asked questions!
What kind of camera do you use?
All my photos are shot with a Nikon D3300. However in this post we used a new lens the AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G. (We’re still getting used to the lens!)
Who takes your pictures?
My wonderful husband takes all my pictures! 
Why did you start a blog?
I started my blog about two years ago after finding myself constantly looking at blogs online. I knew I wanted to center my blog around fashion because I was always getting stopped in stores by people asking where I got certain items I was wearing. I’ve always had a love for fashion! I also wanted a way to document the important moments in my life. 
Do you have a makeup routine?
I do! I haven’t done a post of my makeup routine yet but I’ve done a post on products I love! I’ll be doing a makeup post soon. 🙂
Any advice for new bloggers?
Well I’m still a new blogger myself! I started dedicating 100% to my blog less than a month ago and have seen so much support. If you’re going to blog be consistent, interact with others, and take good quality pictures. I will do an entire blog post on advice for new bloggers so stay tuned! 
Can we see more of your daughter on the blog?
Certainly! I’m going to be incorporating Ava more on the blog very soon. I’ve tried to keep her off social media for some time because when she was a few months old I had a people steal photos of her and use them on the internet. It broke my heart to see people using pictures of my daughter with out my consent. However, I understand that for me to be completely open on my blog I have to share all aspects of my life including, Ava. So I will be sharing her more on the blog! She’s a mini me so expect some toddler outfit posts!
If ya’ll ever have any other questions feel free to email or direct message me on social media! 
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