Hurricane Harvey

Hello, friends! I want to start off by thanking everyone for all their prayers and for reaching out to see how we are doing during this heartbreaking time. When we first heard about Hurricane Harvey hitting and the potential catastrophic flooding that would hit the Houston area I was very fearful. We didn’t evacuate Houston at the time because we knew our area wouldn’t see much flooding. Thankfully we haven’t had any water enter our apartment and we’re also very fortunate to still have power. We are unable to leave our area due to high water throughout the highways so we’ve been staying put inside. I’ve been checking on family and friends throughout the Houston area constantly to make sure they are okay. My sister actually had to evacuate her home with her 11 month old daughter because the water was up to her knees and continuing to rise. Early this morning we brought her clothes and blankets for my niece since she was unable to grab much as she was leaving her home. Thankfully my job is letting me work from home for as long as I need. For those of you that don’t know I work very close to the downtown Houston area which in most areas has extreme flooding. 
However there are many people that are out of work, experiencing flooding in their homes, trying to find a place to stay, and in need of the essentials. The images I’m seeing on the news have been absolutely heartbreaking. Although there is so much hurt happening in Houston right now there is also a lot of strength and love that I’m seeing from complete strangers and other states. I’ve been constantly seeing on the news countless amounts of people volunteering their time and their boats to help save people. Houston will rebuild but we honestly need all the help we can get. If you’re wondering what you can do to help Houston I’m going list different resources for you to check out. Above all else please continue to pray for our community. 

Monetary and Physical Donations

To Volunteer

Also if you are wanting to check to see if a friend or family member in the Houston area is safe there is a Facebook page HERE that allows people in the Houston area to mark themselves as safe. You can also offer to help out people through this page and people who are in need of help can post that on this page as well. 

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