Ava’s Adios Dos Birthday Party

Happy Wednesday, friends! Over the weekend we celebrated Ava’s third birthday! We went for a fiesta theme and called the party “Adios Dos”! Get it?! 😉 Ava had a blast at her birthday party and we’re so thankful to everyone that celebrated with us! 
I still can’t believe my baby is three years old! It feels like just yesterday I was pregnant wondering what type of personality Ava would have. Time has gone by so fast and I really wish it would slow down! 
1. I love when you run up to me and say “mommy, I want to hold you!” It’s the sweetest thing ever!
2. You have such a huge imagination! You’re always playing pretend and asking me to play too. It’s always so much fun being around you!
3. I love that after you eat something good you say “yummy in my tummy!!” 
4. I think it’s so cute how you get super obsessed with one thing at a time. Like right now you’re obsessing over My Little Pony and that’s all you ever want to watch! Before that it was Sofia the First. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen every episode at least 20 times!
5. You are incredibly stubborn and independent. You want to do everything yourself and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise you throw a fit. 
6. You really do have the sweetest heart! You are always giving out hugs and calling everyone your friend! 
7. I love listening to you sing because you have the cutest voice ever!
8. You are OBSESSED with your daddy! You two always fall asleep cuddling together. I’m so happy you’re a daddy’s girl!
9. You are one smart cookie! You are very observant and have learned things on your own like how to use the remote to put on your favorite shows!
10. Being your mommy is the most rewarding thing in this world!! Being able to come home to you and love on you is the highlight of my day! Just know that mommy and daddy love you so much!! 

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