DIY Ikea Hack: Glam $14.99 Shelf + How To Style

Happy Monday, friends! I’m excited to share this super easy DIY Ikea hack on the blog today. I absolutely love marble and gold! I wanted to create a shelf that would incorporate these elements without being too difficult to construct. I went to Ikea and found this HYLLIS shelf for only $14.99! It comes in a silver color so I had to buy gold spray paint from HobbyLobby. Helpful tip: their spray paint wasn’t on sale when I purchased it but if you ever want 40% off a product that’s not on sale from  HobbyLobby simply search for their online 40% off coupon on their website. At the cash register just show the cashier the coupon and they will give you 40% off one product! I also purchased marble contract paper. I got mine off amazon but there are a few other places to purchase contract paper.

What You’ll Need: For this DIY hack you’ll need the HYLLIS shelf from Ikea (it’s only $14.99!), gold spray paint (I used the brand Krylon in 18 KT gold), and marble contact paper. 

Step 1: The first thing you would want to do is cut your marble contact paper to fit on top of each shelf. The easiest way for us to do this was to lay the marble contract paper down first and then lay one of the shelves on top of it. Then we used a razor to cut around the shelf. You don’t have to worry about scratching the actual shelf since it will be spray painted anyway. Once you’ve done this four times you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: This is when you’ll spray paint your entire shelf. I would recommend NOT spray painting the top of the shelf where you’ll be laying down the marble contact paper because it will be covered anyway. Also don’t forget to spray paint underneath the shelves and the screws! The easiest way for us to spray paint the screws was to push them into the cardboard that came with the HYLLIS shelf then we just spray painted the top of the screws.

Step 3: After everything has dried you then want to place the marble contact paper on top of each shelf. You should have already cut these out on the first step so now you just need to apply them! These are super easy to apply and can be removed if you mess up. I would use a credit card to push down on the air bubbles if any form after you apply.

Step 4: Finally, follow the instructions to assemble to HYLLIS shelf!

Step 5: Style it! This is my favorite step! I loved seeing the entire shelf come together and it was seriously so easy. This shelf would be super cute in your home office or in the living room.

Let me know in the comments if ya’ll like seeing DIY projects on the blog. I have one I’m currently working on for Christmas that I can’t wait to share!

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