Traveling Tips – For Cold Weather

Happy Monday, friends! Today on the blog I’m sharing some tips I learned from traveling in the cold weather. We recently got back from Tennessee where we stayed in a condo on the Smokey Mountains! The views were breathtaking but since we were on top a mountain it was really freezing. It even snowed the night we arrived and throughout our entire stay with the lowest temperature hitting 7 degrees. (Not something I’m used to being from Texas!) We also did a super special photoshoot that I will be sharing on the blog soon. 🙂
1. Layer Up
To prepare for our trip to Tennessee I knew I was going to need to layer my clothes. I ended up buying two pairs of Zella Live In High Waist Leggings. I wore these pretty much the entire trip under my jeans. They are super comfy and helped to keep me warm. I also purchased a few of the BCG Women’s Cold Weather Tops. These kept me super warm! I was able to wear these under my vests and under sweaters. 
2. Cold Weather Accessories
A few weeks before our trip I stocked up on a bunch of pom pom beanies because majority of them were on sale at some of my favorite stores. I wore pom pom beanies the entire trip! I also purchased mittens on our first day at Tennessee because I completely forgot to pack them for the trip. (Always bring gloves or mittens if you’re traveling in cold weather!) Another cold weather accessory that was a life saver were my UGG boots. My feet felt so warm because of my UGG boots! One day I wore my regular black thigh high Steve Madden Boots and even double socked them but my feet quickly felt like ice. I ended up changing into my UGG boots later in the day and didn’t want to take them off the entire trip! 
3. Organizing Travel Packs
I highly recommend purchasing an organizing travel pack for trips! It’s an easy way to save space in your suitcase and keep everything organized. I use this Women’s Travel Pack for all my trips! 
4. YETI Cups
I love YETI cups because they have the ability to keep your drinks cold or hot. During the trip I drank a lot of hot coffee so whenever we saw a Starbucks we would stop and fill my YETI cup. My coffee would stay hot for hours! This gave me an easy way to say warm when we were outside for long periods of time. 
5. A Good Book
After a long day we would go back to our condo and relax. I ended up bringing along two books with me that I read throughout the trip. I always recommend bringing a good book when traveling! I’m actually doing a book review soon this month so stay tuned for that! 
What are some of your travel tips? Let me know in the comments below! 

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