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Happy Tuesday, friends! Today on the blog I’m sharing the best activewear from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Every year I try to stock up on some activewear during the sale because the prices are unbeatable! The items I always look out for are tanks, sweatshirts, sports bras, leggings, and sneakers. 
I also wanted to talk a little bit about my current workout routine. For the longest time I actually wasn’t working out at all. I thought that since I had a naturally fast metabolism I didn’t need to worry about working out. However, after having a few health issues and realizing I wouldn’t be able to get my weight over 105 pounds regardless of how much I ate I decided it was time for a more healthy lifestyle! For the past two months I’ve been trying out Pure Barre and absolutely LOVE it! I’ve never really found a workout that worked for me or kept me interested. However, with Pure Barre I’m SO excited to go to the classes!
If you’ve never heard of Pure Barre before here’s what it is! Pure Barre is a full-body work out that focuses on stretching each section of the body in order to create lean muscles without the bulk. The workout utilizes the ballet barre to preform small isometric movements. I’m already seeing serious changes in my body after my first two months of Pure Barre. I will say that I had no idea what to expect during my first class, but my instructor made me feel very comfortable. She corrected me a few times during the class because they will use words you probably won’t understand but you eventually get the hang of it! I also didn’t realize my entire body would be shaking. I had never felt my body shake the way it does during Pure Barre. The shaking is totally normal and actually means the workout is working! One of my favorite parts of Pure Barre is the music! I love the upbeat music during the workout and then after the workout is complete they play really calming music that sends you right into meditation mode!
As of now I’m attending Pure Barre three times a week but would love to start going five times a week! That’s a huge goal I’m trying reach by my third month.
Now here are my top picks from their activewear section! 

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