Surprise! Baby #2!!

Surprise…we’re having another baby!! 
We’ve been keeping this HUGE secret for about four months now and we’re so excited to finally share the amazing news! We feel so blessed to be adding another baby to our family. Ava is our entire world and we can’t wait to shower this baby with all the love! 
This pregnancy has been so different from when I was pregnant with Ava. I mentioned a few times on instagram that I was feeling really sick a lot. With Ava I didn’t even realize I was pregnant until about two months in because I only felt sick once. With this pregnancy I’ve been sick almost every day to the point where I haven’t even wanted to get out of bed. Now that I’m 17 weeks I’m finally starting to feel like myself again! 
Isaac and I found out really early that we were expecting. I took a pregnancy test the day of my missed period since I had a ton of them on hand. We had been trying for a baby so I was literally taking tests every week to see if I was pregnant. We were over the moon with excitement when we saw those two solid lines! We told our family and close friends a few weeks after we found out. We’ve really enjoyed keeping this pregnancy private for the first few months! We’ve been soaking in every day, the good and the bad. 
Ava is SO excited to be a big sister!! She calls the baby “her baby” and always wants to give my tummy kisses. She talks to the baby all the time and tells me all the things she’ll teach her sibling when they arrive. Ava has the sweetest heart and is one of the kindest children I’ve ever met. I know she’ll love this sibling so much and be such an amazing help to Isaac and I when the baby arrives. 
We find out the gender next month and would be so happy with a girl or a boy. The gender really doesn’t matter to us. All we really want is a healthy baby! When I was pregnant with Ava I knew immediately that she was a girl. With this pregnancy I seriously have no idea what the gender could be. We plan on doing a small gender reveal with our close family and after that we’ll share the news with everyone else! 
One of the reasons why we waited so long to share this news is because we had a huge scare the first few weeks of the pregnancy. I was about 9 weeks and had just left a meeting when I could feel blood just pouring out of me. When I looked down it was like a horror movie I was covered in blood. I rushed myself to the hospital and had multiple tests done. We had an ultrasound and listened to the baby’s heartbeat. I’m so thankful that the baby was okay. It was honestly one of the scariest moments of my life. From then on I decided to take it easy and took a little break from posting as much on social media. I also wanted to wait as long as possible before I made the official announcement of our pregnancy. My bump is so big now I can’t really hide it anymore! I can’t turn to the side on instagram try-on sessions without showing off the bump. &Regular clothes just don’t fit me anymore. After our recent doctor appointment we heard our baby’s super strong heartbeat and I’ve been feeling the baby kick constantly so I’m now comfortable sharing this news with everyone!
We’re so excited to share this new journey! I still can’t believe we’re pregnant again!! 
Photography: Lois Campos Fotography

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