What’s On My Baby Registry

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what’s on my baby registry this time around so I decided to make a dedicated blog post for all the mommas out there! This will be our second child so I kind of have a pretty good idea of what we’ll need and what not to spend money on. Hopefully this will be a great resource to help other moms that are putting together a baby registry!

Nuna PIPA 2019 Car Seat – We did a ton of research when it came to car seats and strollers. We knew we wanted a car seat that would be super light and easy to install in multiple cars. The Nuna PIPA is one of the safest car seats on the market. It also looks super luxurious and includes a dream drape, basically a shade for baby from the elements. This feature was important to me because I hated putting blankets and covers over Ava’s car seat when she was a baby. Nuna also has one of the lightest car seats on the market, the Nuna PIPA Lite. We didn’t go with the Lite version because it doesn’t include the dream drape and  can’t be used without the base unlike the Nuna PIPA. The Nuna PIPA is still one of the lightest car seats we tried out! 
Nuna Tavo Stroller – This stroller is great for newborn to toddlers up to 50 lbs. Our Nuna PIPA car seat attaches to this stroller easily with no other attachments needed. This stroller also looks very luxurious and has a ton of great features. It even includes the dream drape for when baby is napping! It’s also a one-handed fold making it super easy to put away and lays flat. 
Bilia Bassinet – I knew I wanted a bassinet for baby to put next to our bed. I looked at all the options and fell in love with this bassinet! It’s hand woven from elephant grass and has been tested for safety. It also includes a foam pad which is safe for baby to sleep on. 
Snuggle Me Organic – When searching for a baby lounger I was stuck between the Snuggle Me and the DockATot. After reading a ton of reviews I decided on the Snuggle Me Organic. I love that the Snuggle Me Organic is made with 100% organic cotton. The organic version is a little more expensive than the original Snuggle Me. The main reason I wanted the Snuggle Me Organic is because I wanted baby to have a comfortable spot to lounge in. The Snuggle Me hugs baby’s body to remind them of the womb. I’ve had so many moms recommend this product and can’t wait to try it! 
BABYBJORN Bouncer – This baby bouncer has a ton of great reviews so I’m really excited to try it out for baby. It’s an ergonomic bouncer with a snug design that’s suitable for use from day one! This bouncer doesn’t require batteries because it moves based on your child’s own movements. This bouncer also turns into a chair for up to age two once your child is able to stand on their own. 
Paige Carryall Diaper Bag – I’ve been on the hunt for a chic looking diaper bag that would still be functional. This diaper bag from HAPP Brand checks all the boxes for me! It’s pretty large so you’re able to fit a lot in this bag and it’s just a really beautiful bag in general! There are tons of compartments and space for all your baby items. I will be using this bag to carry around all of baby items and snacks/toys for Ava. They have a few different styles of bags so there is an option for everyone!
Blooming Bath Lotus – When Ava was a baby she wasn’t the biggest fan of bath time and looking back it’s probably because we had her in one of those plastic baby tubs. This time around we decided on the Blooming Bath Lotus! This baby bath is really soft and comfy for baby. It fits in the sink so it makes bath time super easy. 
Stylish Baby Play Mat – We’ve been decorating baby’s space lately and was stuck between getting baby a rug or a play mat. I didn’t want the standard colorful play mat though since I wanted it to match the theme of his space. I found this super stylish option on Amazon! This will be great for baby to play on and for tummy time. 
As You Grow Memory Book – I have this memory book for Ava and love it so I knew I would get it for baby as well! This book is really organic and gender neutral. It includes a ton of space to write down memories throughout the years. I highly recommend this baby book for all mommas!   
BIBS Baby Pacifier – We used these with Ava and loved them! They are the best pacifiers and come in so many cute colors. 

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