Pom Pom Dress + Bumpdate

Happy Tuesday! It’s been some time since I’ve shared an outfit blog post with ya’ll and unfortunately I couldn’t find my digital camera for pictures. I did use my iPhone to take these and don’t mind how they turned out at all! This Pom Pom dress is perfect for summer and the beach! I’ve been wearing it on repeat because it’s super comfy for the bump. I’m wearing a size small. It is a tad bit sheer but with nude undergarments you can’t tell at all.
I thought I would share a little bumpdate with y’all since I haven’t shared one yet. This pregnancy has been really hard so far. It’s been really different from my pregnancy with Ava. I’ve been so exhausted, nauseated, and overall just over being pregnant. I’m officially 33 weeks this week and although we still have some time left before baby arrives I have a feeling he’ll be born early. That feeling has been making me rush to buy everything we need for baby and it’s honestly stressing me out a little. Baby boy moves A LOT! Like all the time! I already know he’s going to be an active one. I’ve also been experiencing the worst heartburn so maybe he’ll have a head full of hair like Ava did! We are super excited to meet him and Ava can’t wait to be a big sister. She’s always playing with my tummy and telling me how much she loves her brother already. He has no idea how loved he is!! 

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